Nancy Paul

Lansdowne, Ontario, Canada

Nancy Paul is a painter, drawer and printmaker who has exhibited with professional groups such as the Canadian Society of Artists and the Organization of Kingston Women Artists.  Her recent solo shows in Toronto (Dualities/Mythologies, Rebecca Gallery, 2018) and Kingston (Restoring Balance, Art Noise, 2018) featured paintings on canvas, paper and stone tile.  A selection of her work currently (Winter 2020) is on display at the Piggery Gallery in Newburgh.

Bio:  Originally from northwestern Ontario, Nancy moved to Toronto to study art (OCAD) then Kingston (Queen’s) where she has worked in cancer research and earned her doctorate in literature.  She lives in Lansdowne with her husband, Steve, and their cat, Zarco.

Artist’s Statement:  My work is a search for understanding of the world and my place in it.  The female figure is at once my agent of discovery and the object of my scrutiny.  I use contrast and juxtaposition, repetition and sequencing, to explore the spaces between and around us and to suggest relationships. Creatures of the sea and sky are among my favourite subjects.  Times of day and night, the cycle of the seasons, provide context and perspective in my art.

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