Flight (from “Origins” series)

Acrylic and photograph collage on granite (2012)

Size: (w) 23 1/2″ x (h) 11 3/4″ x (d) 3″

Flight was created in response to a call for art inspired by the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve in southeastern Ontario, Canada. For this piece as well as others in the “Origins” series, I obtained granite, sandstone, and limestone — sawn on one side — from a quarry near Seeley’s Bay;  I took the photographs of rock, water, and sky along the Thousand Islands Parkway between Brockville and Lansdowne.

Egg, Cornered

Egg, Cornered

Acrylic on sawn marble (2012)
Size: (h) 34 ¼” x (w) 29 ½” x (d) 1 1/8”

The egg is a symbol of contained life developing and growing until the shell breaks to release the new creature, from confined to open space. In this painting, the curled figure has no protective or restrictive shell, but seems to imagine one; the viewer sees that she is in fact free to stretch her limbs, ironically though only to the limits of the definitive corner.