Shell frosting

Shell frosting

Mixed media on travertine
Size: 4″ x 4″ x 1/4″

I am playing with these images (this one, and the two below), Picasa-style. The shell paintings themselves are luminescent pearl and soft thalo gold set against bone white stone. When my photography skills catch up to my painting abilities, I will show you how they really look. The website for Bedrock Art is scheduled for grand opening in three weeks. Stay tuned!

2 responses to “Shell frosting

  1. Hello Nancy, we met yesterday at Gananoque’s gallery. It was a pleasure. I’m happy to have found this site of yours! Nice work. The other fossil location I told you about, in BC, is called the Burgess Shale. The ROM in Toronto has a nice website about it: As for Miguasha, here are two sites: and Here is an address where you can learn a bit about me, though it’s not very up-to-date (unfortunately this trio doesn’t exist anymore): I hope to stop by in the Thousand Islands again this summer. Au plaisir. Paul

    • Paul, thanks so much! This is wonderful information to have. I’m sorry to hear the trio doesn’t exist any more — it must have been very special. Please do come again to the Thousand Islands. It was lovely to meet you both. Nancy

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