Acrylic on travertine tiles (2019)

Size: each is h 4″ x w 4″ x d 0.5″

These and other works are currently on exhibit until December 30 at the Show of Smalls at Art Noise, Kingston https://www.artnoise.ca/gallery.html

The Piggery in Newburgh (owner/operator Jaana Parks) is displaying several of my larger pieces on canvas as well as numerous small pieces such as those shown above. https://www.thepiggerygallery.com/

Shell frosting

Shell frosting

Mixed media on travertine
Size: 4″ x 4″ x 1/4″

I am playing with these images (this one, and the two below), Picasa-style. The shell paintings themselves are luminescent pearl and soft thalo gold set against bone white stone. When my photography skills catch up to my painting abilities, I will show you how they really look. The website for Bedrock Art is scheduled for grand opening in three weeks. Stay tuned!